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Keyser Public Strategies takes a modern approach to providing a wide range of best-in-class strategic communications, message development, media relations and crisis management services. We are a team of exclusively senior communications professionals, with more than 35 years of combined experience in our fields, and we work tirelessly for you on the first day, and every day.

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We are honored to work with clients across a variety of sectors and industries.

Our Services

Message Development

Effective messaging is the foundation of all smart communications. We help our clients craft messages that are compelling, clear and resonate with their target audience — whether that be policymakers or the general public.

Media Planning & Execution

Gone are the days when newspaper stories alone drive the news cycle. We live in a 24/7 news consumption ecosystem. KPS understands the value of leveraging multiple media platforms and channels to inform, influence, and engage key audiences.

Crisis Communications

A poorly handled crisis can have a lasting effect on a client’s brand, adversely affecting their ability to achieve business objectives and policy goals. With over 25 years of experience in this area, we develop and execute comprehensive communication plans to help clients manage through a crisis and mitigate short and long term damage.

Thought Leadership

Today’s communications best practices include the development of sector-specific thought leadership. We create and place content that positions our clients as policy leaders on current topics in their field of expertise.

Grassroots Advocacy

We believe that successful advocacy is vital to changing policy outcomes, and often ‘inside’ influence alone is not enough to achieve success. KPS develops grassroots advocacy programs that build engaged communities motivated and empowered to make their voices heard.


With a strong background in campaign management, KPS provides leadership to run highly effective corporate communications, policy and candidate campaigns. Simply put, we develop strategies, tactics and teams that have proven effective in a wide variety of public affairs settings.

Reputation Management

Strong reputations breed loyalty and trust, and are a critical component of any successful business endeavor. Operating in today’s increasingly digital world presents unique challenges to what used to be managed via word of mouth.