Matt Weiner

Matt Weiner specializes in change. For two decades, he has advised leaders in the public and private sectors during periods of uncertainty. He has written for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and university presidents, Cabinet Secretaries and congressional leaders. Through speeches, opinion pieces, digital communications, brand marketing and research papers, he helps executives and their organizations communicate their visions in authentic terms.

Before he joined the Keyser Public Strategies extended team, he was a senior member of the Obama administration communications team. He also served as speechwriter for Senate Banking Chairman Christopher Dodd, and led the corporate communications of Fidelity president and CEO, Abigail P. Johnson.

A calm, clear voice during a crisis, Matt offers his clients a unique perspective on a variety of topics, from financial services and education to economic policy and the environment.

He lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife Colleen and their two daughters.