Jessica Van Sack

An award-winning writer, accomplished digital strategist and expert in social media, Jessica founded Yellow House Consulting in her little yellow house in Charlestown, Mass., where she lives with her husband, son and two dogs.

Jessica helps clients build rich, authentic connections with their chosen demographic or community. Jessica has conceived, designed and executed highly successful social media and digital campaigns for businesses, non-profits, political candidates and more.

As a long-time political reporter for the Boston Herald, Jessica became the go-to political analyst in New England for a variety of cable television shows. She continues to be a frequent commentator on television and radio, with appearances ranging from Dateline NBC to the O’Reilly Factor.

A maven of gadgets, bleeding-edge innovation and predictor of trends, you can still read Jessica’s weekly column on technology and social media in the Boston Herald. Because Yellow House sits squarely at the intersection of Jessica’s interests, she motivates it to become the richest well of ideas for its clients.