KPS Sectors

We are honored to work with clients in a variety of categories. While we are proud of our accomplishments, the success stories belong to our clients, not us. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

There is no greater investment in the future of our country than ensuring excellence in education, from pre-K to college and careers. Educating children is everyone’s job. Educating the public on the importance and complexity of this mission is ours. 

Americans are consuming more energy than ever. At the same time, people are more concerned than ever with consuming cost-effective, green energy. A well-crafted strategy based on the truth works for energy providers and purchasers.

Financial Services
The firms we work with in financial services are all about helping other companies grow by providing them with capital, expertise, and technology. A smart strategy positions our clients in financial services as angel investors rather than an unpleasant alternative.  

An engine of our economy and critical to our well-being, world-class healthcare is something most New Englanders take for granted. There are many complex rules and regulations in the category. Distilling all of the information down to a simple, memorable strategy is critical.

When the staff is stretched thin and resources are scarce, a focused message can make all the difference in the world. A smart communications strategy to support advocacy and policymaking makes your organization one that people can remember.

The development of new medicines calls for large investments and rigorous testing over the long-term. Communicating the value of lifesaving medications to regulators, doctors, and patients has never been more important. 

Professional Services
In today’s idea economy, organizations need to manage risk, leverage human capital, optimize technology and solve complex business problems – all at the same time. We partner with firms who are relentlessly focused on helping other organizations succeed.

Mobile platforms have changed the way we work, live, play and connect with each other. For companies on the leading edge of this sector, a corporate strategy needs to engage consumers and keep pace amidst constant change, while at the same time comply with stringent regulations.